About Us

CareCross is a provider of care and support services to aged, home, community, and healthcare service providers. The founders of CareCross worked in these industries and saw a gap in quality care due to workforce shortages following on from the global pandemic of COVID 19. They started CareCross to differentiate themselves from other agencies by focusing not just on hiring, but also developing people to best fit to support client’s own workforce. CareCross team members work alongside client’s workforce to provide exceptional care to residents, clients, and patients; and have dedicated support team of administration and healthcare professionals at the Support Office.

CareCross now works with over 100 providers across the aged, home and community and hospital settings across Victoria and New South Wales and plan to expand across the eastern seaboard over the next 18 months.

What We Do

At CareCross we provide the following services to aged, home, community, and healthcare providers:

  • Personal Care Services
  • Nursing Care
  • Allied Health Care: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Allied Health Assistants Dietetics, Speech Therapy

Our Mission, Vision
& Values

  • Mission CareCross’s mission is to provide exceptional care and support services that you would want for your loved ones.
  • Vision To be a leading provider of high-quality care and support services for aged, home, community, and healthcare providers in Australia.
  • Values
    • Reliable: We will perform the promised service dependably and accurately
    • Re-assuring: We will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to give you trust and confidence in our services
    • Responsive: We are willing to help customers and provide prompt service
    • Empathetic: We will be caring and give you individualised attention